• Must be between 21-40 years of age.
  • Must work, live, or be otherwise associated with the Cedar Valley community
  • Must have an interest in bettering the Cedar Valley community, meeting new people, and/or participating in individual or community development programs!  


Dues are $100 per year and include membership in the state, national and international organizations.   

Membership Benefits

Local Benefits


  • Access to monthly lunch & learn
  • Networking connections
  • Monthly social events where you can meet other young professionals and community leaders
  • Opportunities to serve on project committees
  • Leadership experience
  • Opportunities to participate in community development and service

State Benefits


  • Opportunities to attend training events
  • Network with leaders from Jaycees chapters throughout the state
  • Attend Jaycees events in other chapters
  • Participate in statewide events

Regional & National Benefits


For more information about regional, national, and international benefits, visit: